What Are Some Drunk Games to Play?


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One of the best-known drunken game to play is Beer Pong. Other popular drinking games involve a ball and cup, cards, coins and derivatives of branded games, such as Strip Jenga. Many drinking games are similar to the game Truth or Dare.

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Beer Pong is played by two teams, and each team tries to throw a ping-pong ball into the cups of the opposing team. When a ball goes into a cup, the cup is removed, and the opponent drinks the beer in the cup. The team that lands the ball in each opponent's cup wins.

Quarters is an example of a game played with coins. A player bounces a quarter off a table and into a glass full of beer. If the quarter goes into the glass, the player chooses another player to drink the beer in the glass. The successful player then gets another turn.

Drunken challenges involving the use of playing cards include a game called Spoons. In Spoons, players pass cards until someone has four of a kind, inciting all the players to grab spoons. Drink or Dare is similar to Truth or Dare, but players drink rather than telling truths. Strip Jenga is played similarly to regular Jenga, except the playing blocks have challenges written on them. The challenges typically involve consuming alcohol or removing clothing.

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