How Do You Draw Penguins?

How Do You Draw Penguins?

Draw a cute, fun penguin in just a few easy steps. Using just paper and pencil, draw the beak and head, sketch the body, add in the wing and feet, and polish it off with interesting details.

  1. Draw the beak and head

    Draw the beak of the penguin with the point facing to the left and the right side open to attach to the head. Draw the head by starting at the top open line of the beak and drawing an arc for the top and back of the head. At the bottom line of the beak, draw a short curve for the chin of the penguin.

  2. Sketch the body

    Start at the end of the short curve, and draw a large arch of the belly of the penguin. Draw the back of the penguin by connecting the back of the bead to a large arch with a point for the tail feathers.

  3. Add the wing and feet

    Start at the bottom of the belly, and sketch in two three-toed feet. The second foot needs to connect to the tail. Draw the fin toward the back of the penguin.

  4. Draw in the details

    Place a curving line halfway through the beak for the mouth. Draw in a circle in the head for the eye. Add in some lines to the neck for the feathers separating the head from the body.