What Is "Dragon City"?

What Is "Dragon City"?

"Dragon City" is a social media computer game that, as of March 2015, is available for Facebook, Apple iOS, Android and Amazon's digital download service. The primary goal of the game is to raise dragons and train them to fight, as well as breeding them to create new dragons.

While raising dragons for battle is the game's central focus, players can also create habitats, eventually creating their own "dragon city" in the clouds. Similar to the "Pokémon" games, a major objective is also collecting every type of dragon, of which there are over 150.

Players can interact socially both cooperatively and in combat. Players can work with their friends to raise dragons by giving them a daily ration of bonus energy, and can also send gifts. Combat allows any two players with a team of three dragons to battle.

There is a Combat World that has different leagues that the player can join and compete in. Players are currently restricted to three matches every six hours, however. Battles can be conducted automatically by the computer if one player is offline.

The game is a "freemium" title, meaning that the basic game is free to play, but players can opt to purchase in-game currency and improvements with real money.