How Do You Download the Prop Hunt Mod for "Garry's Mod"?

The Prop Hunt mod for the game Garry's Mod is available to download on the Game Watcher website. Game owners can download a .zip file from the Mods section of the site.

This mod and hundreds of other mods are available to download for free.

  1. Locate the game mods
  2. Go to and click on the Mods tab in the upper right part of the page.

  3. Locate the Prop Hunt
  4. Look for the small black Advanced button and click on it. A drop-down search form will appear. Type in Garry's Mod Prop Hunt and press Apply. The game mod should pop up below the search form.

  5. Download the game
  6. Click on the listing, then click on Download. Users will be taken to another page with the words "Your Download Link Is Ready." Click on to download.