How Do You Download Pixelmon?

How Do You Download Pixelmon?

The Pixelmon mod for the Minecraft game can be downloaded by first downloading the Technic Launcher from the website and then downloading mod from the same website. Based largely on the popular Pokemon video game series by Nintendo, Pixelmon takes the Pokemon game into the Minecraft universe with similar gameplay and mechanics.

The following shows how to download and install the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft.

  1. Download Technic Launcher
  2. Go to to download Technic Launcher. Choose the appropriate platform (Windows, iOS, Linux) where the Minecraft game will be played.

  3. Launch Technic Launcher
  4. After it has finished downloading and has successfully installed, launch Technic and enter the Minecraft account username and password that will be used.

  5. Add the modpack
  6. On the left hand panel, click on "Add New Pack" from the list. On the address field, type

  7. Download the modpack
  8. Click "Save" and an NF Pixelmon icon will appear. Click play to download all the mod packs for the server. Make sure to allow the download to finish before proceeding to the next step.

  9. Start playing
  10. Select multiplayer and the NF_Charity_Pixelmon_Server will appear. The player may choose NF as the server to start playing. It will be a good idea to read the signs while the game is spawning.