How Do You Download Minecraft to Your Computer for Free?


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While the full version of Minecraft must be purchased from Mojang before playing, the creators of Minecraft offer a free demo version. This version can be accessed on the official Minecraft website.

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How Do You Download Minecraft to Your Computer for Free?
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To download the demo version, users must first create an account. Once users have registered an account, they can visit the official Minecraft website to download a free demo copy of the game. This version allows users to play for roughly 100 minutes, or five in-game days, before asking them to pay for the full version.

People looking to download the full version of Minecraft for free should keep in mind that downloading the full version without paying for it is illegal. Despite the illegality, there are websites, tutorials, and torrents that will aid those attempting to download Minecraft sans purchase. Again, since these methods are illegal, it is up to each individual to determine whether it is worth the risk.

Since the full game only costs $26.95, it is highly recommended to purchase the full game rather than illegally downloading a full copy. Obtaining a copy of Minecraft indirectly through a friend, website or torrent can lead to errors in the game itself and always comes with the risk of viruses and other malware.

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