How Do You Download and Install the "Minecraft Comes Alive" Mod?


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To download the "Minecraft Comes Alive" mod on both Windows and Mac computers, download Forge from an accredited website, open the Installer and follow the directions. RadixCore and MCA mods are also needed to run "Minecraft Comes Alive."

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After opening the Forge Installer in Windows, click Install Client and then click Ok. Download both RadixCore, which is a mod used as a code library, and MCA, which is the "Minecraft Comes Alive" mod, and save both to the computer's desktop. On the keyboard, press the windows key and R at the same time. This combination opens the "Run" command. Next to where it says "Open," type %appdata%, and then hit Enter. From your desktop, open the .minecraft folder and search for a folder labeled "mods." If one does not exist, create one. Place both the RadixCore and MCA folders into the mods folder. If the computer asks to extract either folder, chose not to extract them. The last step is to start the Minecraft launcher. Once open, in the bottom-left dropdown box, change profile to Forge.

The directions are similar for a Mac computer, except instead of opening a "Run" command, press command, shift and G simultaneously. Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft in the command prompt that appears and then hit Enter. The rest of the directions remain the same. Radix-Shock.com contains all the downloads necessary to launch "Minecraft Comes Alive."

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