How Do You Download "Gangstar Rio?"?

How Do You Download "Gangstar Rio?"?

Download Gangstar Rio by visiting Google Play or iTunes and clicking the Buy or Install button. The game is available for around $7 on both sites as of 2015 and players must be at least 17 years old to download.

Gangstar Rio only takes a few minutes to download, but a free version of the game is not available.

  1. Visit Google Play
  2. Visit the Google Play Store.

  3. Search
  4. Type Gangstar Rio into the search box and click on the blue magnifying glass to search for the game.

  5. Click on the latest version of the game
  6. Click on the first box to appear for the latest version of the game. Below the pictures and video clips are the game specifications and other details.

  7. Click the Buy button
  8. Click on the Buy button. The credit card on file will be charged after a prompt appears to enter the password on the account. The download begins on its own.

iPhone and iPad users may visit the Apple Store to download Gangstar Rio.

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Visit the App Store through iTunes and type Gangstar Rio into the search box.

  3. Click the Purchase button
  4. Click on the Purchase button to download. The game automatically installs.