How Do You Double Crochet?


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To do a double crochet, hold the yarn over the hook and place it though the stitch. There are three loops in a hook. To begin, choose the hole that is closest to the crochet hook.

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Make 15 chain stitches to obtain a foundation chain. For the turning chain, get three more stitches. To make the first double crochet stitch, find the two front loops and insert the hook. These are under the back bump loop. Begin a double crochet stitch by yarning over the hook. Next, get the hook in the center of the stitch. Yarn over the hook and get to the last loops that are left on the hook. When you finish one double crochet stitch, there is one more loop on the hook.

Place one stitch in each chain stitch on the foundation chain. Now you have your first row of double crochet. To start on the second row, turn it around and yarn the third chain over the hook. Skip the first stitch of the row. Repeat the steps for all the remaining double crochet stitches. Count a total of 16 stitches in the second row. Count the turning chain as one of the double crochets.

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