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Doodieman is a developer who has made such games as “Doodieman Voodoo” and “Whack Your Boss.” Both of these games are free to play and are available on sites such as NewGrounds.com and SliverGames.com.

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The games that Doodieman developed are more like interactive stories than actual games. They involve players making choices and watching how their choices affect the outcomes of the stories. Players need only a mouse to interact with both “Doodieman Voodoo” and “Whack Your Boss."

“Doodieman Voodoo” gives players the chance to let off a little steam by naming voodoo dolls after people they are mad at and flinging feces at them. There are 11 ways for players to throw poop at the voodoo dolls. The 11th option, however, is just a compilation of the other 10. There isn't a lot of content here, so the game is only good for a quick laugh.

Similar to “Doodieman Voodoo,” “Whack Your Boss” is a game that allows players to take out their anger on their bosses. In this game, there are six ways that they can kill their bosses. “Whack Your Boss” resembles more of a game than “Doodieman Voodoo” since players have to find the six ways to kill their bosses. Finding the different items isn't challenging, but it does make the players look instead of just selecting them from a list.

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