Where Do You Donate Old Pianos?

Those who want to donate an old piano can give the instrument to charitable organizations, such as the Society of Unique Artists or Keys 4/4 Kids. Offering pianos to these charitable groups ensures the piano benefits those who need it and will be reused rather than dismantled and disposed of.

The Society of Unique Artists is a charitable organization that allows donors to receive a tax deduction for giving their piano away. As long as the donor lives in the United States, the Society of Unique Artists can work with the donor to pick up the piano from the place of residence. The donor does not have to pay for shipping the piano. All pianos received by the Society of Unique Artists are either used or sold by the organization to help spread music across the country.

Keys 4/4 Kids is a nonprofit group that aims to help introduce young children to music and other art forms. When a donor decides to give a piano to this organization, he can be assured that the piano will be going to a child. Piano technicians at Keys 4/4 Kids will go through a lengthy refurbishment process to ensure that the donated piano is as good as new. However, donating does cost a fee.

Those who want other options can likely find charitable organizations in their own neighborhoods. By visiting schools with music programs, as well as music stores, a donor can give a piano away to an individual in need.