What Are Some Dog-Themed Games?


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One of the most popular dog-themed games of all time is Nintendo's "Nintendogs" for the Nintendo DS. The game has players raise and train virtual dogs, and it spawned a sequel for the Nintendo 3DS called "Nintendogs + Cats."

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"Nintendogs" uses the full range of Nintendo DS inputs to allow players to interact with their dogs in a realistic way. Players can pet, play with and groom their dogs. They also have the option of training the dogs and entering them into competitions and have them interact with the dogs of other players. The Nintendo 3DS sequel retains the same gameplay, but with some minor tweaks and improvements, such as incorporating the camera into interactions with the dog.

Some other dog-themed games include "Dogs Playing Poker," "Hotel For Dogs" and "Dog's Life." "Dogs Playing Poker" is available for the PC and iOS and is based on the famous painting "Looks Like Four of a Kind." "Hotel For Dogs" is based on the 2009 film of the same name and is available for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. "Dog's Life" is for the PlayStation 2 and puts players in the role of a dog named Jake, who must save other dogs from being made into cat food.

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