What Are Some Dodgeball Game Variations?


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Dodgeball variations include island dodgeball, basketball dodgeball and doctor dodgeball. Although each variation has set gameplay differences from standard dodgeball, rules vary depending on the players.

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What Are Some Dodgeball Game Variations?
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In island dodgeball, each team stands on its own mat or tarp, called an island. Players can only throw balls while standing on the island. Only one player can step off the island at a time to retrieve balls for his team.

In basketball dodgeball, each team occupies one half of the basketball court. Players who are out stand by their team's hoop. If a player who's out gets a ball, he can shoot it at the other team's basket. By making the shot, all the out players for that team are back in the game.

For doctor dodgeball, each team has one designated doctor. When a player is hit, he lies on the ground. The doctor can then touch him to revive him.

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