What Are Some Doctor Job Games?


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Doctor job games include "Frenzy Clinic," "Ready, Set, Checkup" and "Trauma Team." "Frenzy Clinic" and "Ready, Set, Checkup" are available at the Silver Games and Barbie websites. Trauma Team is available on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U.

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In "Frenzy Clinic," players click and drag patients to the appropriate doctors. Patients who are served quickly and accurately give the player money that he can spend to upgrade doctors and hospital equipment.

In "Ready, Set, Checkup," players complete mini games to treat patients. The player can choose a difficulty level, easy or hard, to change the intensity of the mini games.

"Trauma Team" features a cast of six protagonists who are doctors that specialize in different fields. Each character has his own storyline that the player can experience. The game makes use of the Wii's motion sensors for involved game play.

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