What Are Some DMC Thread Colors?


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DMC offers a wide range of floss or thread colors including, white, ecru, orange spice, light rose and dark salmon. The DMC company offers a downloadable version of the color chart or color cards that show the color and the code associated to each different color. The cotton floss is available in 454 solid colors.

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DMC floss is used in a lot of different projects from cross stitch to embroidery. Each project calls for a certain set of colors and are coded with numbers, with the exception of the white and ecru colors. These codes coincide with the numbers that are provided on the patterns for the needle work being done. Some patterns and projects include the thread so that users do not need to buy their thread separately, but the numbers are still provided so that more can be bought if it is lost or damaged.

In addition to the standard floss that most projects call for, DMC also offers products that have metallic materials built into them; color variations, along with pearl and satin finishes. Substituting these different types of threads can give a craft project a unique look. It can add that special touch that makes it stand out from other works. Many projects actually call for these type of threads and DMC offers color cards and number lists for all of them on their website.

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