What Are Some DIY Crafts to Make Decorative Frosted Glass?


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A few DIY craft ideas for making decorative frosted glass are frosted tumblers, candle holders, vases and Christmas ornaments. These frosted glass projects are easy because they entail using only a few materials, such as a clear glass items, etching cream or frosted glass paint and a simple pattern or design.

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The frosted tumblers projects requires materials that include frosted-glass paint, crafting knife, clear glasses or tumblers, contact paper, circle punch and stencil tape. To frost the entire glass, stencil tape is placed at the top glass edge; paint is poured onto the outside of the glass to cover completely before allowing the glass to dry. For tumblers with patterns or designs, use contact paper before proceeding to frost the glass with paint. Complete instructions for these craft ideas are available at the Martha Stewart site.

A frosted glass vase is an easy craft project that only requires a glass vase, frosted-glass spray paint and some rubber bands. Place rubber bands around the vase in a desired pattern, such as vertically, diagonally or horizontally, and frost with paint. The Live Well Network site has instruction on making a frosted vase. Similarly, The Better Homes and Garden site also has frosted glass ideas for Christmas ornaments that require the use of etching cream, round glass ornaments, paint pen and paintbrush. The instructions provided are simple and easy to follow.

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