How Do You Dispose of an Old Piano?

A piano that is determined to be in working condition may be sold, donated or picked up for free by an outside company, but companies charge money to dispose of a nonworking piano. Once the condition of the instrument has been assessed, the Internet offers various options for removal.

Pianos that are in working order or need minimal repair are often auctioned off or sold online. Instruments are donated to schools, nursing homes or churches, but often these organizations expect the instrument to be delivered by the donating party. There are many companies online who offer free piano removal if the condition is good enough for them to refurbish and rehouse the piano later.

Pianos that have accumulated mold, cannot be tuned or are missing vital parts are deemed unusable. Often there is a charge involved in disposing of these instruments. Either a traditional moving company or a company that specializes in pianos is contacted for removal, and the company bases the cost of disposal on the piano's size and the number of miles to the nearest dump.

There are companies that specialize in recycling piano parts, though they are difficult instruments to disassemble without professional expertise. Depending on the geographic area, there are options to allow the ivory keys and wooden framework to be harvested for other purposes.