How Do You Display a Collection of Little Pocket Knives?


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Use Spyderco's Spyderpac to store and display a pocket knife collection. The Spyderpac features compartments for 16 small knives and a handle for hanging. Unfold the Spyderpac to display a collection of pocket knives, or fold it and fasten it for storage and transportation. For a permanent display option, eHow.com has instructions for building a knife display case.

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To make a display frame, purchase a frame from a furniture store. Ensure that the frame is large enough for the collection to fit inside the framed area. Draw an outline of the framed area on the frame's backer board, and use a table saw to cut around the outline.

Cut sections of padding and fabric that are 3/4 inch longer and wider than the board, and glue or tape them to the board. This creates an upholstered backing for the knives. Drill holes through the upholstery and the board, and screw a cup hook into each hole. Return the backer board to the frame, and hang or place the pocket knives on the hooks.

If you wish to display the pocket knives in a drawer, use small pieces of dowel as small knife stands. Cut each piece of dowel to around half the knife's length, and cut a small angled notch 1/3 down the dowel. Unfold the pocket knife's blade, and set it in the notch so that the dowel can support the knife.

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