What Are Some Disney XD Games?

What Are Some Disney XD Games?

As of 2015, "Replay Rush" is a "Phineas and Ferb" game available on the Disney XD website. Other activities include the “Crash & Bernstein” game "Smash the Trash," the “Kirby Buckets” game “Scrawl and Brawl” and the multishow crossover game “Villains Unite!”

In “Replay Rush,” the mad scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz uses his Look Back-Inator to create a time loop and relive his evil deeds. The player enters the vortex and fixes the timeline by completing several quick microgames, such as bouncing snowballs with a trampoline, catching balls while surfing and avoiding obstacles to hit a hole in one.

In “Smash the Trash,” Crash clears out the garbage piles in his hangout by launching himself from a large slingshot. The player controls the speed and magnitude of the launch and uses occasional boosts, such as rocket shoes, to give Crash enough power to move further along the course.

In “Scrawl and Brawl,” the player navigates a sketchbook world filled with Kirby’s drawings. The game features classic obstacles and objectives, such as catching stars, avoiding spikes and fighting creatures. Throughout gameplay, the player earns enough points to sketch parts of the protagonist, such as his face and his sword and shield, and to draw items that make it easier to move through the course.

In “Villains Unite,” the player battles increasingly difficult rounds of minions sent by villains from several Disney XD shows. At the same time, the player can collect life and performance boosts, such as force fields.