What Was Disney's "Toontown Online"?

What Was Disney's "Toontown Online"?

Disney's Toontown Online was an Internet game released in 2003 and considered entertainment for the entire family. The game was written based on the premise of the Disney movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and it drew as many as 1 million players when it was introduced. The premise of the game was that cartoon characters were trying to prevent robots from a big corporation from taking over their town.

The game's success inspired a new generation of young people nostalgic for the old story to re-create it online. The new version of the game is called "Toontown Rewritten," and it was developed without Disney's permission.

Another aspect of the game's appeal was the opportunity it gave players to simulate real-life activities such as gardening, fishing and car racing. Players were also able to socialize with one another within the game using Toontown's chat feature. The game lasted for 10 years before Disney shut it down in an effort to concentrate its resources on another one of its virtual words, "Club Penguin."

Games such as Toontown are known in the gaming world as massively multiplayer online games, or MMOs. Individuals notoriously forge strong connections to the games and the individuals they meet inside of the game world.

So many people were disappointed by the ending of the game that a petition was created to encourage Disney to keep the game active.