What Are Some Disney Junior Online Games?

What Are Some Disney Junior Online Games?

Disney Junior online games include “Henry’s Roarsome Rescue,” “Minimus the Great” and “Jake’s Heroic Race.” “Pluto’s Musical Maze,” “Deputy for a Day” and “Lambie’s Ballet” are other Disney Junior games.

“Henry’s Roarsome Rescue” requires players to help Henry Hugglemonster rescue and clean monsters that are stuck in the dough before time runs out. Players avoid trees, buildings and flying things that make them drop the monsters and slow down. Players collect roar powers and clocks to chase away flying things and add seconds to the timer.

In “Minimus the Great” players prepare Sofia’s flying horse for a race. They feed and groom the horse and practice on the course. They also collect flying wings, apples and horseshoes to speed up, add bonus points and boost energy levels.

Players help Jake race against Captain Hook’s ship in “Jake’s Heroic Race” to win and keep Jake’s ship. They also play mini games that involve blocking ship attacks. They earn golden coins after overcoming challenges.

“Pluto’s Musical Maze” requires players to help Pluto find musical instruments placed in different locations of the maze. Players perform tasks such as creating and serving juices to acquire deputy skills in “Deputy for a Day." They earn badges and help the sheriff catch bandits after completing the tasks.

In “Lambie’s Ballet,” players imitate Lambie’s dance steps to earn stars. They press the shapes that represent the order of the ballet steps.