What Are Some Free Disney Games for Kids?


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As of 2015, some free Disney games for kids include "Double Trouble," "Cinderella: Midnight Magic" and "Bump in the Night." All of these games are available to play online for free.

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In "Double Trouble," players help the cast of "Frozen" achieve the goal in six different levels. Players play as Kristoff who needs to help find Elsa high in the mountains. Players use the up, down, left and right keys to run, climb and jump to gather materials, such as ropes. Players must avoid dangers including wolves.

"Cinderella: Midnight Magic" offers a story mode and an endless mode. Players must help Cinderella's carriage avoid the king's guard and make it home safely. Players must dodge left and right to avoid the dangers in the road. The game begins with very little time, and players must land on glass slippers to get extra game time.

"Bump in the Night" is a Disney game designed for younger players. Players must help Mickey find the source of strange noises in his friend's castle. All the instructions for playing are given verbally for younger children. This games offers six different levels of game play. Players walk Mickey Mouse from room-to-room gathering up items, keys and unlocking doors.

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