What Are Some Disney Channel Games?


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Disney Channel games on Disney.com include "Teen Beach 2 - Beach Bop Adventure," "Girl Meets Word: Smarte Couture," "Prom Pursuit" and "Los Zombis Doof," as of 2015. Other games include "Stan's Snaker Blog," "Pinball Party," "Monstober Zap," "Evermoor The Thread of Fate" and "Agent P Rebel Spy."

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The Disney Channel section of Disney.com contains a constantly rotating selection of games based on popular shows airing on the network, such as "Phinneas and Ferb" and "Girl Meets World." Each game utilizes different elements of a show to provide an entertaining, and in some cases educational, experience for players. Some games simply take characters from the shows and place them in existing game concepts, such as a pinball game or a matching game, while others create a unique experience that derives its purpose directly from the theme and events of the program.

The game "Girl Meets World: Smarte Couture" focuses on Riley and Maya, two characters from "Girl Meets World," as they explore a world filled with fashion and shopping. After selecting one of the characters to use, players move from location to location to obtain different outfits, then return home to dress up the character in the different articles of clothing.

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