How Do You Disguise a Paper Turkey?

To disguise a paper turkey, kids will need some construction paper, other supplies, such as glue and glitter, and a bit of imagination. There are countless ideas for how to disguise the turkey. It can be redesigned as anything from a pirate to Batman.

The disguising of a turkey is typically a school project for young children. In the project, Mr. Turkey is trying to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner and he is in need of a clever disguise in order to avoid being caught. The turkey will already have been cut out of construction paper, or students will have a pre-cut template in order to cut out the original turkey.

Students will then use their creativity to disguise the turkey. A glue stick will be needed in order to affix the disguise to Mr. Turkey. Children should also have an ample supply of construction paper and glitter. They can cut out paper feathers and affix them to the turkey to transform him into a peacock. Students can also place black and yellow construction paper on him so he appears as Batman. Another idea is to use green construction paper so that Mr. Turkey looks like a turtle. This assignment also correlates with a writing assignment with a Thanksgiving theme.