What Are the Directions for Staining Fabric With Tea?


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To dye fabric using tea, submerge the fabric into boiled tea water for several hours. The color depth is dependent on the concentration of tea; for a darker tone, add more tea bags, and for a lighter tone, dilute the water.

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Boil water and pour it in a glass bowl with around four tea bags, which usually results in a light yellow-brown color. For more color depth, gradually add tea bags until the water reaches the desired color, and remember that fabrics always turn out lighter in color than the actual tea. Add a teaspoon of salt to set the dye, and let the solution cool down before removing the tea bags. Place the fabric into warm water, wring the material out to remove most of the water, and submerge it in the tea solution.

Allow the garment to sit in the solution for a few hours, making sure to stir it occasionally for even distribution of the tea dye. For a more uneven result, leave the tea bags in the solution. When the fabric finishes soaking, remove the it from the tea dye, and squeeze out the water. To ensure that the dye holds, iron the garment. To dye it darker, repeat the process, or to start over, spray stain remover on the garment to remove any tea dye.

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