What Are the Directions for Playing Bunco?


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A game of Bunco is played in two to four sets comprised of six rounds each. During each round, players take turns rolling three dice and attempt to roll the same number as the number of the round. For instance, in round five, players want to roll three fives. Every time that a player matches the round number, that player receives one point; a player continues rolling until he scores no points.

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Organization is crucial to the game of Bunco. Typically, Bunco works best in groups that are multiples of four; 12, 16, and 20 are ideal group sizes. Each group of four sits at a separate table. The goal is to move up tables, which players can do by winning an individual round at their table. To do this, the tables are split into two teams; the two players sitting across from each other are partners for that round. Both members of the winning team move up.

The head table controls the pace and length of the round. A player at the head table rings a bell to signal the beginning and end of each round. All tables play simultaneously. When one team at the head table has earned 21 points, the round is over. The losing team from the head table goes to the lowest table and tries to work its way back up. Once each team has changed tables after a round, the players switch partners.

A Bunco occurs when a player rolls three numbers that match the round number. A Bunco is desirable both for the round's points and for prizes later on. At the end of a game, there are typically multiple prizes, which are handed out to the player or players with the most Buncos, wins and losses.

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