What Are Some "Digimon World 3" Gameshark Codes?


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Some “Digimon World 3” Gameshark cheats include having infinite lives by entering the code 801558240003 or getting immunity to all viruses with the code 8013847e0000. Players can also use Gameshark codes to manipulate the status of their characters. For example, players can enter 801557e003e7 to have infinite offense or 801557e403e7 to have infinite speed.

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Although Gameshark codes can be used to manipulate the game, not all of the secrets in the game require a Gameshark to access. For example, every Champion Digimon has a signature attack in the game. Depending on the character being used, players can unlock these signature attacks without a Gameshark by training the Digimon to between levels 60 and 74. Ultimate Digimon also have signature attacks, but these are not learned until between levels 75 and 80.

When players are looking for an easy way to give experience to their weaker partners without using a Gameshark, they can use the tag-in method. This involves using weaker partners at the start of a battle and then switching them out with a stronger one. All Digimon that participate in a battle gain the same amount of experience. Weaker Digimon don't need to attack to get experience, but they must at least be healed to be counted as participating in the battle, even if they don't require healing.

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