What Are Some Digimon Online RPGs?


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Digimon Battle Online was a role-playing game based on the Digimon Tamers anime. Digimon Masters is another online Digimon RPG in which the player captures and trains Digimon in order to unleash the full potential of its power.

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Digimon RPG Online was a free-to-play Digimon-themed RPG developed by Movegames. The game was originally released in South Korea, but WeMade Entertainment released an English version in 2010 under the title Digimon Battle. Digimon Battle ran for three years, but is now unavailable for public play, as of 2015. Digimon Masters is a currently available RPG based around capturing and training Digimon. Digimon Masters allows players to choose a starting human and Digimon, altering gameplay based on their choices.

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