What Are Some Different Wonka Games?


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Some different Wonka games to play include "Hidden Objects Willy Wonka," "Wonka SweetTarts" and "Willy Wonka's Bubble Trouble." As of 2015, these games are available to play online for free.

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In "Hidden Objects Willy Wonka," players view a selected scene and must click on the hidden items in the scene. There is a provided list of items to find; however, as the players click on the items, the list doesn't change, so players must keep up with what they still need to find.

"Wonka SweetTarts" is a 3D video game wherein players master levels as they become progressively more difficult. Players start the game as a lizard and morph into other items as the game continues. Players attempt to capture candy and the letters to make the word "sweetart." Players must avoid dangers, such as falling into their own minds.

"Willy Wonka's Bubble Trouble" features Violet with her bubblegum. Players must help Violet keep her bubblegum bubble high enough to stay afloat, but not large enough to crash into the ceiling. Players must navigate Violet past dangers that can burst her bubble and end the game by inflating and deflating the bubble. Player must also keep her in the air once the game starts.

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