What Are the Different Types of Word Scramblers?


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Word scramble games come in several brands, including "Jumble" and "Scrabble," as well as in both online and board game formats. Some websites or companies categorize word scramble games based on particular themes. For example, ScienceKids.co.nz has free online word scramble games on themes of biology, chemistry, health and computers.

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Offshoots of "Jumble" include "Jumble for Kids," "TV Jumble," "Jumble Word Vault," "Jumble BrainBusters Junior" and "Jumble Word Web." The comic book writer Martin Naydel created the game in 1954, and his background shows in the game by means of comic pictures that accompany the word scramble sequences and provide clues to those words' correct arrangements. David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek took over the game in 2014, when it still appeared in several newspapers. Their version has four base anagrams accompanied by clues.

Alfred Mosher Butts created "Scrabble" in 1933 and subsequently developed it on the concept of combining anagrams with crossword puzzles. As of 2015, there are several variations of "Scrabble" in existence, such as "Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase," "Scrabble Junior" and "Scrabble Twist."

ScienceKids.com.nz arranges its word scramble games in the form of a two-column chart with the scrambled words on the left-hand side and blank spaces to write the answers on the right-hand side. The website does not allow users to fill in answers online, so the games can be done either mentally or by printing them out.

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