What Are Some Different Types of Wooden Intarsia Patterns?


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Intarsia patterns can depict any picture desired by the creator by inlaying sections of wood to form a mosaic. Intarsia designs create an illusion of depth that works for numerous different types of images.

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Intarsia uses different types of wood that have variable grain patterns and colors, as well as stains and dyes. After selecting the wood, the intarsia creator cuts, shapes and finishes the piece of wood to fit the mosaic like a jig-saw puzzle, and the pieces are glued to a wood backing.

Patterns for intarsia can be purchased online, but the different types of patterns that can be used is only limited by the imagination. To use a pattern, choose the wood that best fits the different sections of the pattern and transfer the pattern onto the corresponding wood. Then, cut the pieces with a band saw or scroll saw, and perform any sanding necessary for depth. Fit the pieces together and glue them to the backing.

Intarsia experienced its peak popularity during the middle ages and was applied to many types of surfaces, such as walls, ceilings and floors, furniture, jewelry boxes and carriages. Intarsia experienced a rebirth in the 20th century and early 21st century, in large part due to revivalists such as Judy Gale Roberts.

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