What Are the Different Types of Wind Instruments?

Wind instruments include various items, such as flutes, trumpets, accordions and horns. Aerophone is the proper name for true wind instruments.

Aerophones are a class of instruments that use wind as the primary noise-making or vibrating medium. They usually include a tube in their construction in which the air vibrates due to a reed or the player's lips. Wind instruments exist in various cultures, but all have the use of tubes and air in common.

Wind instruments are varied and include:

  • Bugles
  • Flutes
  • Trumpets
  • Slide whistles
  • Harmoniums
  • Shruti boxes

Accordions and concertinas are also aerophones. They produce sound by forcing air through bellows and using keys to make notes. Bagpipes are a reed instrument that rely on an air reservoir that allows an uninterrupted flow of air to pass across the reed for sound.

Blouls and daduks are Armenian wind instruments. The bloul is similar to a flute, in that the user holds it sideways and blows across the mouthpiece. The daduk is one of the oldest double-reed wind instruments in the world and is available in beginner and professional models.

The didgeridoo dates back to 20000 B.C. and is part of the ceremonial heritage of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The ocarina is another ancient wind instrument, with history in India dating back more than 6,000 years.