What Are Some Different Types of Vtech Phones?

What Are Some Different Types of Vtech Phones?

Some different types of Vtech phones include cordless phones with up to six handsets, phones for seniors, wall-mounted phones and cordless-to-cell phones. Vtech also carries a line of retro-inspired cordless phones.

All Vtech phones are cordless, though each has different features. There is a line of wall-mounted cordless phones that are great for saving space in an otherwise cluttered or small room. These phones come with up to six handsets, which are all used with the same wall-mounted base. The wall-mounted phones fit any room and are easy to install.

Vtech also has cordless phones that are good for senior adults. These phones have LCD screens on the front with caller ID and time clocks, large buttons and easy-to-program features for different phone numbers. There is also amplified sound in the phones. Many senior phones by Vtech come with a lightweight safety pendant in the event of an emergency.

For people who like old-style phones with modern technology, there are the retro Vtech phones. These look like old rotary phones, right down to the design of the keypad. They have the same advanced features as other phones, including speakerphones, caller ID, voicemail and remote access.

One of the newest types of Vtech phone is the connect-to-cell phone. This allows the cordless phone to connect to a cellular signal. It allows the user to use the cordless phone instead of his cell phone with the built-in Bluetooth technology, letting him avoid dropped signals and dead cell phone batteries.