What Are Different Types of Taxidermy Wall Mounts?


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Some types of taxidermy wall mounts include pedestal, shoulder and half mounts that taxidermists position in any of several poses. An upright mount conveys alertness, typically displayed with a slight turn of the neck. Often, taxidermists incorporate a lower head position, called sneak, to impart a lifelike demeanor.

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What Are Different Types of Taxidermy Wall Mounts?
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Consumers typically prefer the shoulder mount, as options include sneak and semi-sneak with the head flexed gently to one side to provide a realistic, lifelike appearance. The pedestal wall mount requires approximately 4 to 6 inches more of the animal's shoulder. The half mount includes the head and front legs and extends to the animal's mid-section. The full sneak positions the head lower with a more serene appearance.

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