What Are Some Different Types of Swedish Weaving Patterns?


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Some different types of Swedish weaving patterns are Huck weaving pattern, Huck weaving pattern with offset stitching, open-loop pattern, closed-loop pattern and blue ribbon pattern. The pattern or design names refer mostly to the type of stitching used.

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One traditional Swedish weaving pattern is the Huck weaving pattern. The embroiderer creates a series of open box-like stitches around aprons, napkins, draperies or bibs. The Huck weaving offset pattern is a series of embroidered triangle shapes set along one horizontal line. Open-loop patterns do not meet at the bottom while closed-loop patterns do.

Huck or Swedish weaving is traditional Swedish embroidery that was used on huck or huckaback fabric and monk's cloth, a canvas weave. The modern version of this fabric is a cotton fabric with a 14-count-by-1-inch weave featuring both a smooth and a rough side. Embroiderers also use huck toweling, popcorn fabric, Aida cloth and waffle cloth for Swedish weaving. Swedish weaving dates back to the 1600s, although it didn't really become popular in the United States until the 1930s and 1940s. For several decades following, the technique started to die off, although it is enjoying a resurgence of popularity as of 2015. Designers often use the basic Swedish stitches to create new patterns.

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