What Are Different Types of "Star Wars" Games?


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There are many different types of "Star Wars" games, including video games, pen and paper role-playing games and collectible card games. The "Star Wars" brand as a whole covers a vast array of products and has been adding new properties and media to its repertoire since the premiere of the first film.

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"Edge of the Empire" is a pen and paper role-playing game which casts players as rough-and-tumble rogues from the edge of the galaxy. The game depends on a facilitator who creates and narrates the world in which players play, setting up decisions and conflicts for those players to experience.

Wizards of the Coast released a "Star Wars" trading card game in which players built decks and battled one another for territory and resources. The game was modular, meaning it contained many expansion packs themed around the films, alternate intellectual properties associated with the "Star Wars" brand and specific planets and characters featured in the expanded universe.

"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" is an example of a video game inspired by and set in the "Star Wars" universe. It takes place long before the events of the films and allows players to direct the actions of a team of outcasts and misfits.

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