What Are Some Different Types of Photo Albums?

Digital photo books, scrapbook albums, photo books albums and flush mount albums are some different types of photo albums. Photo albums store and display peoples’ favorite photos and preserve special memories.

Book photo albums are bound books that hold photos in protective sleeves. A small photo book has a soft cover, with soft and thin pages, like a regular book. They are normally placed on the coffee table for guest entertainment. A scrapbook album is a personal album that reflects someone’s style. The album accommodates all decorative options and different sizes of photos. Almost all scrapbook albums have page protectors to protect photos from damage.

Flush mount albums have thick, unbending pages and hard covers. The covers of the albums are typically made of leather, leatherette or glass. Photos lay flat and stretch along the whole page. Designed in magazine style, flush mount albums are generally used for special occasions, such as anniversaries and weddings, since they are considered high quality and may cost more to produce than other types of albums.

Digital photo albums use digital technology and come in various forms. Due to technological advances, ease of accessibility and low cost, digital photo albums have become a popular option for photo storage.