What Are the Different Types of LEGO Friends Games?

What Are the Different Types of LEGO Friends Games?

The different types of LEGO Friends games include Art Maker, Story Maker, Dress Up and Sunshine Ranch, as well as mini games, such as Dolphin Hoops, Juice Mixer, Pet Puzzle, Pool Basket and Ready for School. The interactive online games can be played directly from the computer, iPad or other mobile device without downloading any files.

Art Maker

Interactive drawing game allowing kids to sketch, draw and paint using stickers, frames and backgrounds that include all the friends and animals from Heartlake City.

Story Maker

Kids can write their own story and create scenes with pictures and stickers.

Dress Up

Players can dress up the LEGO Friends to match, earn points and buy new outfits for a more customized style.

Sunshine Ranch

The Sunshine Ranch has a lot of hungry animals, and players help the LEGO Friends feed them and care for them.

Dolphin Hoops

Play a game of hoop catch with playful dolphins.

Juice Mixer

Players help Andrea blend and decorate fancy fruit drinks for all her friends.

Pet Puzzle

Pet Puzzle is a matching game that requires players to drag blocks to create three in a row for points.

Pool Basket

Help Andrea aim her basketball into the hoop to score points.

Ready for School

Ready for School is a memory game where LEGO Friends — Mia, Andrea, Olivia and Stephanie — mix up numbers and players try to remember the order.