What Are Some Different Types of Leather Fabric?

What Are Some Different Types of Leather Fabric?

Some different types of leather include bridle, kipskin, latigo, suede and chrome oil tanned leather. There are also shearlings and sheepskins, upholstery and vegetable tanned strap, tooling and molding leather.

Bridle leather is ideal for straps, belts, pet collars, leashes and gun belts. This leather has a comfortable feel and is firm and rich-colored. This leather has the perfect amount of oils to withstand weather. Kipskin leather is very clean and handles dyes and stamps well. It comes from smaller calf hides and is suitable for belt liners and other personal leather items.

Latigo leather is rigid but flexible because it is combination tanned. It is well suited for applications such as straps, belts, pet collars, leashes, cinches and tack, where strength and pliability are necessary. Chrome oil tanned leather has the ideal amount of oil to give it a soft texture. This leather is used for chaps, boots, cases and bags. Suede is chrome tanned. To finish suede, the manufacturer buffs the flesh side of the hide until a nap is achieved. Suede is ideal for clothing, trim and chaps.

Shearlings and sheepskins can be tanned with chrome oil or they can be vegetable tanned. These wool sheepskins are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors and are perfect for lining saddles or using as padding. Upholstery leather has a soft texture and lasting durability. This leather type is useful for upholstery of furniture or automobiles, as well as in garments.

Vegetable tanned strap, tooling and molding leather evenly absorbs oils and dyes, making it ideal not only for tooling and molding, but also for embossing, dyeing and oiling. This leather dries to a durable, firm shape and is suitable for sheaths, holsters, belts and straps.