What Are Some Different Types of Halo Mega Bloks?


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Some of the different types of Halo Mega Bloks are the Banshee Strike set, the Phaeton Gunship set, the Scorpion's Sting set and the Promethean Warriors set. More Halo Mega Bloks sets include the Smuggler Intercept set and the Outlands Skirmish set.

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Halo Mega Bloks toys that are for the United Nations Space Command include the UNSC Gungoose set, the UNSC Fireteam Rhino set, the UNSC Firebase set, the UNSC Vulture Gunship set and the UNSC Attack Gausshog set. The Halo Mega Bloks toys for the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers include the ODST Troops pack, the Drop Pod Metallic Arctic ODST set, the Drop Pod Metallic Jungle ODST set and the Drop Pod Metallic Stealth ODST set.

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