What Are Some Different Types of Crochet Fabrics?


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Crochet fabrics are created using various stitches and techniques such as Tunisian, filet, broomstick and hairpin. These fabrics can have a lacy look or a sturdy look with less holes. The fabric is what is created with the different stitches in rows.

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Crochet fabric can create items such as garments, bedding, bath and kitchen items, and toys.. A crochet artist can make a soft and flexible fabric by using open stitches with a soft or light weight yarn such as baby or sport weight. These types of light fabrics are suitable for baby items, garments or doilies. Light and lacy crocheted fabrics can create summer clothing and accessories.

Crochet artists can create thicker fabrics with heavier weight yarns and tighter stitches. Tight stitches range from single crochet stitches to shell and puff stitches. These stitches leave smaller holes in the weave of the fabric. Bulky yarns, such as worsted weight yarn, are common for fabrics that create scarves, hats, mittens and other warm weather gear.

Crocheted fabrics can have many different looks. The Tunisian crochet stitch, for example, has a hatched look and can create a very heavy fabric, while the filet crochet method is most suitable for creating a light fabric.

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