What Are Some Different Types of Collectible Glassware?


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Collectors seek a large variety of glassware, including antique Murano, Victorian and Art Deco vases, Tiffany lamps and everyday glassware such as carnival, depression, milk glass and even Pyrex. The market for collectible glassware varies greatly from one type to another.

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For the beginning glassware collector, it's important to decide on a budget and a specific type of glassware to collect. Many glassware collectors enjoy having a collection of pieces they can actually use in the kitchen. If this is the case, a material like milk glass or carnival glass is a good place to start. Carnival glass is named for the fact that much of it was given away as prizes at carnivals and similar settings. It's known for the iridescent sheen on the glass, and comes in a variety of colors, styles from several different makers. Because it was mass produced, it's fairly inexpensive to collect.

Decorative vases, pitchers and bowls, as well as glass sculptures and paperweights, are often more expensive to collect. While it is possible to find beautiful examples in unexpected settings like thrift stores and garage sales, the finest pieces, such as Tiffany lamps and genuine Murano glassware, often sell for thousands of dollars at auctions and retail stores.

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