What Are Some Different Types of Cascade Yarn Patterns?

Some different types of Cascade yarn patterns include sweaters for men and women and children's items. All of these patterns are available at CascadeYarns.com as of 2016.

The site offers dozens of sweater patterns in categories such as cardigans, pullovers, men's sweaters, tops and shrugs. Some of the sweaters feature only a single color, while others have intricate patterns with numerous colors. Several feature detail items, including buttons, drawstrings and fringes.

To access one of the patterns, there is a link at the bottom of the picture of each of the sweaters that goes to a PDF file of the sweater. Crafters can print as many patterns as they like with no cost to the them.

The children patterns for Cascade yarn are sorted into three categories: sweater, dresses, and tops; hats and sacks; and other. Some of the items offer detailed patterns, including animals, hearts, stripes and boats, while others are single colors without any detailing. There are sweaters and dresses with buttons, zippers and knotted areas.

In the other category, there are blankets, scarves and sets that include two to three pieces plus a stuffed animal pattern. There is even a pattern for a roll-up holder for crayons.