What Are Some Different Types of Brain Games for Kids?


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Some fun brain games for kids include “Bejeweled” and “Greedy Knight.” Both of these games are free to play on arcade websites, such as Memory-improvement-tips.com and Sheppard Software.

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In “Bejeweled,” players try to match three of the same gem colors together in rows and columns. Combining three of the same gem colors causes them to disappear. Players can get higher scores if they plan strategies that allow them to create combos or match more than three gem colors together.

“Bejeweled” is a game that helps kids with thinking speed and concentration. Players control the game using the computer mouse. To move gems, players click and drag them horizontally or vertically to the gems with which they want to switch. Gamers can choose to play a timed match or simple mode. In simple mode, the game ends when there are no more moves left to make.

The goal of “Greedy Knight” is to move the knight to collect coins that appear on the chess game board. After gathering the coins, players must move the knight back to the starting position. Just like in the game of chess, the knight can only move in a specific pattern. This makes players think ahead and plan each move to get the best score.

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