What Are Some Different Types of Basket Liners?


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Some different types of basket liners include basic cloth liners, quilted liners, drawstring liners, paper liners and coco coir liners. Cloth liners add decorative accents to baskets and keep small items from falling out through perforations in the basket. Food-grade paper liners keep baskets clean when they are used for serving food. Coco coir liners hold dirt and moisture in baskets used for gardening.

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To make a simple cloth basket liner, make a pattern by pressing tissue paper into the basket and adding 1/2 inch all the way around for the seam allowance. Cut the fabric to match the pattern, and sew it together. Adding a second layer and some fiberfill creates a nice base for a quilted liner. Hand or machine quilting finishes the piece. Drawstring liners extend over the top of the basket and have a drawstring around the edge to hold the liner in place.

Commercial paper, vinyl and plastic liners are available in bulk for lining food baskets. Paper liners and plastic liners are disposable, while sturdy vinyl liners wipe clean for reuse. Dense coconut fibers make up coco coir liners. These liners press into openwork baskets designed for hanging plants. The liner allows for drainage while keeping the soil inside the basket. Options to coco coir include using multiple layers of burlap or special commercial liners designed for optimal moisture retention.

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