What Are Some Different Super Jumbo Kendama Toys?

What Are Some Different Super Jumbo Kendama Toys?

Kendama USA offers SunRise, Ozora Taiyo, Tribute and Ozora Emperor super jumbo Kendemas, as of 2015. The jumbo Kendama toys are available in a variety of color options and sizes.

The SunRise jumbo Kendama has a height of 9.5 inches and offers several color options including metallic yellow, blue, green, neon orange and white. The Ozora Taiyo Kendama measures 9.5 inches in height and weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. The Tribute jumbo is a 10-inch Kendama featuring extra reinforcement in the handle to prevent the cups from sliding off during play.

The Ozora super jumbo is an adult size Kendama measuring 13.5 inches and weighing nearly 2 pounds. This Kendama is available for purchase only by customers who are 18 and above. The Cook Tribute jumbo is available in pearlized aqua, purple, green and yellow and comes with an instruction manual, a replacement string and bead pack, and free stickers.

Kendama USA also sells the BHC Rasta Pasta jumbo tribute Kendama featuring hand-brushed, translucent and pearly strokes. The Kendama’s design allows for enhanced grip.

A Kendama is a wooden skill toy from Japan that allows users to perform various tricks. The toy helps promote hand-eye coordination and improve reflex and balance.