How Do You Find Different New Bright Manuals?

Find manuals for New Bright products at This website features free, downloadable manuals for many New Bright products. These manuals are in PDF format and can be displayed in your browser or saved on your computer.

At, hover the cursor over the Products tab near the top of the main page, and then click a product category, such as Cars, Monster Jam or Boats, to display a list of products in that category. Click a product listing, and then click the Instruction Manual link near the bottom right of the page to display the manual in PDF format. Save the manual to your computer, if desired.

Hover the cursor over the Support tab near the top of the main page, and then click Radio Control FAQ to display additional instructions for some products. For example, click the question "What Are the Syncing Instructions For 2.4 Gigahertz Joystick Transmitter?" to display step-by-step instructions. Some common questions about New Bright trains are answered in the Train FAQ in the Support section.

If you cannot find a manual you need, click the Contact tab near the top of the main page for New Bright's customer service email address, and then email the department about your needs. The company states that it cares about your satisfaction and that you can send an inquiry to receive help from a New Bright customer service specialist.