What Are Some Different "Minecraft" Forums?

What Are Some Different "Minecraft" Forums?

Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forum and Hypixel are three "Minecraft" forums. While registration isn't necessary to view the discussions on any of the forums, all three ask that users sign up to post in threads.

Planet Minecraft is a highly active forum with over 1.5 million users, 450,000 threads and 3.4 million posts. The forum has dedicated subcategories for the console and the smartphone versions of the game, mod creation, network settings and general discussion. Register by clicking Create Account on the top right of the page.

With over 4 million users, 2 million threads and 28 million posts, Minecraft Forum features individual rooms for each platform on which the game is available, mod discussion, servers and technical support. Click Register on the top right of the page to get an account. Minecraft Forum is a part of the Curse gaming network. As such, registering for the website also grants access to all Curse websites.

Hypixel offers discussion rooms for the specialized servers that it hosts. The servers add new features to the game by changing the game rules. The servers and the forum only include the PC and the smartphone versions of the game. Register by clicking Log In on the top right of the page and choosing Create An Account.

As all three forums are moderated, read the forum rules before posting. The statistics are current as of 2015. "Minecraft" is available on computers, gaming consoles and smartphones.