What Different Kinds of Paper Are There ?

What Different Kinds of Paper Are There ?

Coated, uncoated, specialty and oriental are all different types of paper. There are many different types of paper for both commercial printing and artistic purposes.

In commercial printing, there are two main types of paper, coated and uncoated. Coated papers have a sealant on the surface and are used for the reproduction of text and images. Coated papers have better color density and allow sharper detail than uncoated papers. They can have a gloss, matte or dull sheen. Uncoated papers have a smooth finish, or they can have various texture finishes, including antique, vellum or wove.

Specialty commercial papers include dry gum label, pressure-sensitive label and digital imaging. Speciality commercial papers can be used for labels, stickers, brochures and magazines.

There are many different types of specialty papers for artistic purposes, such as calligraphy, mingei and stencil papers. Calligraphy papers do not easily scratch, wrinkle or bleed when used with ink. Mingei papers are handmade mulberry paper that have been dyed or printed to look antique. Stencil papers are waxed or oiled to withstand repeated stencil use.

Oriental papers are intended for artistic purposes. They are highly absorbent and textured papers that are used by skilled artists in ink or watercolor painting. Oriental papers can also be used for printmaking.