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Some different games for the show "iCarly" on Nick.com include "Stack 'n' Stash," "iFound Sasquatch," "iCarly Triviatorium," "iPinball" and "iSave iCarly," as of 2015. Some different games on the show's official site are "Sam's B-Ball Brawl," "iGo to NY," "Sam's Family Quiz," "Bottle Bot Maze" and "Spencer's Jerk Basket."

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Many of the free "iCarly" games on the Nickelodeon website feature different characters from the show and follow similar plots to those found in various episodes. Several of the games also test the player's knowledge of the show in general, such as "iCarly Triviatorium." This game presents the player with a series of questions about the different characters and events of the show, awarding a score based on the number of questions she answers correctly.

The games on iCarly.com also follow themes similar to the show, but cover a broader range of gameplay styles. One example is the game "iGo to NY." In this game the player controls Carly as she rides in a taxi on the streets of New York City, New York, using the arrow keys to move the car and collect different items.

The Nickelodeon television show "iCarly" followed the life of teen Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, as she creates and hosts her own online television show with her friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson.

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